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25 September 2006 @ 06:04 pm
Stories Timeline  
Here it is...again. A timeline showing where in my world's history the various short stories, novellas, and novels I've written fall out. I wanted a timeline that was more easily updated and less cluttered, hence a shift to Excel. (And I learned something new about Excel in the process--hurrah!)


The dates are all in the hyarmi reckoning. DH dates count from the year of Hu-Harek's birth; AK dates from the year of her death.

'Humanocentric' stories are in blue
'Hyarmicentric' stories are in green
'Avariicentric' or other stories are in purple

Some tales embedded in other novels/stories like Lirek's Tale (350 AK), or the tale of Ilgarr that Copper partially narrates in 'Saltwater,' are not shown here. The novel The Chronicles of Delarun is not included here, due to the fact that it touches on events between 162 and 440 AK. The short story 'Happy Birthday, Defender!' is also excluded because it takes place in 289, 402, and 409 AK.

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